Facilities Available At

Sawhney Heart Centre:

1. Cardiology clinic – For all cardiac patients:

    ◊  Specialized in preventive check up

    ◊  Using WHO Risk Score- Can detect early vulnerable patient at risk of future cardiac problems like Heart Attack,Transient Ischemia            Attack, and Stroke etc.

2. Electrocardiogram

3. Blood Sugar Glucometer

4. Holter Monitoring

5. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

6. Prothrombin time (PT /INR) by coagulometer

7. V-Scan 2D Echo- Screening Echo

8. Collection Centre for all Laboratory Investigation: Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology etc.

Sir Ganga Ram Hosptital:

1. Non Invasive Cardiology - Echocardiography ,Holter, Stress test, C coronary angiography, Cardiac evaluation, Cardiac MRI, Nuclear     Cardiology, V/Q Scan, PET scan.

2. Invasive Cardiology – Coronary agiography,Coronary angioplasty, Rotabalation,Balloning of stenosed valves.

3. Electrophysiology - Radiofrequency abalation treatment for arrhythmia, pacemaker and device implantation ( AICD, CRT-P and       CRT-D)

4. Adult cardiac surgery - Bypass surgery,Valvularsurgery,HOCM surgery, Thrombotic PAH surgery.

5. Paeditric cardiac surgery.

6. Paeditric Cardiology Intervention - Device closure for ASD, PDA, VSD, Pacemaker implantation etc.

7. Heart transplant.

8. Cardiac rehabilitation